Monday, October 1, 2012

Off the Radar

So I fell off the radar recently, due to an illness. Long, long story that started about 5 years ago with mild dizziness spells and some hearing difficulties. 2 years ago it ratcheted up a few notches, with a series of collapsing spells, lots of light-headedness and vertigo and such. I saw a (crummy) neurologist and was told that it was migraines or something. For the last two years I've had monthly "spells" of fatigue and light-headedness that we called migraines... but the absence of any sort of headache made it pretty strange. We thought it might be related to my menstrual cycle, so we tried to use hormones to control it with some success. About a month ago, it kicked back up in a big way. I've been having tinnitus, pressure in my ears, hearing disturbance, vertigo, dizziness, light-headedness and fatigue.
That's why I haven't been writing. Sorry about that.
The good news is that life has continued, things have been otherwise good, and God has kept us all very safe. In the last few weeks, we've seen some awesome progress in our little Geri-beri. She has started full-on chewing her food, eating a wider variety of foods and getting lots of solids. It's been amazing to watch. In fact, today her OT announced that she can graduate from feeding therapy! Woohoo!!!
We also finally had her assessment for PT... again. I wanted to switch her from the place she had been getting PT because they could only give her half hour sessions, and I feel like she really needs a full hour. So today she got a brand new Peabody assessment and the results are in. My four-year-old is at the gross motor level of a 15-month-old. So in the past 10 months, she's probably gained about 3-6 months of development there. I think this officially makes gross motor her slowest area of development. Yeah, I'm glad I'm switching her to a new practice. She needs the extra 30 minutes a week.
Mera-bera has started dance classes! Ok, so this is totally for me because watching her in the class is so cute I am amazed my pancreas hasn't simply exploded. But it's also for her. She is super excited about it (so far) and she does really well in the actual class. Plus, it's been killing her to be the only kid not going to school, so this helps. But yeah, it's so cute it hurts.
I finally came due for an upgrade on my cell phone, so I now have a smartphone!!! Holy cow, these things rock! I have a calendar on my phone that links to a website where me and Nick can both modify it and the changes automatically download to my phone. How sweet is THAT?!?! Oh, and there's a few nifty games, too.
Yeah, that's about everything. Sorry for the massive dump, but I'm going to try to keep up a bit more now that my mystery illness appears to maybe be subsiding.