Friday, January 10, 2014

Words, Words, Words

Geri has made huge advances in speech lately. Here's some of my favorites:
"No, Papa, turn on the BIG light!" (Dad turned on a table lamp instead of the overhead light)
"I'm a super hippo!"
"Fashionista!" (Yelled with joy when saying goodbye at school)
"You had an accident at school?" "Yeah" "What happened?" "I was bouncing on the ball." "You didn't want to stop to go potty?" "Yeah. I wanted to bounce." (My part is in italics.)
"Look at me!! Hey Mom, look at me!!!"
"I want flute loops!" (Flute Loops... the breakfast of champions!)
"I did it!!!" 

There's about a million of these little gems. It's so cool that she can tell me what she wants. The other night I asked her if she wanted egg and cheese on her gyuvech and she requested cheese, no egg. She'll finish a small bowl of cereal and say "Can I have some more?" or she'll finish a bowl and say "I'm full!" When she stubs a toe she can tell us, between tears, what happened. If her belly hurts, she can say so. When she has to go potty, she can let us know!!!

But the best part is seeing her personality more clearly. Seeing her intelligence more starkly. Having her tell me what happened at school, what she wants to do, who she wants to see... She's more grown up when she's using her words.

And the most bestest part of all is hearing "I love you" or "Obecham te" in her little voice. Last night Daddy wasn't home at bedtime and she was crying and she said "I miss Papa!" and I just was blown away. Sometimes, she'll sit near me and just say "Mom! Mom! Mom!" over and over. It's magical.