Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cue the Random

I'm tired and not sure what to write about, so I'm just going to throw out some random crap...

1. Wanna have a weird evening? Watch Disney WWII propaganda films on youtube. Seriously, WTF Walt?

2. Geri's newest, adorable habit is making me and Nick hold hands. During grace she grabs his hand and puts it in mine. If he takes it back for any reason she does it again. I love that she loves for us to love each other. :)

3. Mera has a beautiful future as an actress. I wonder if they give out Academy Awards for the gut wrenching portrayal of a sad Bidoof. (It's a Pokemon)

4. My hubby is awesome. Valentine's day was just another reminder. Did he do anything special? Well, he bought me a CD I was wanting and that was cool, but really it was just a date on a calendar that reminded me that he's awesome EVERY day.

5. There are easier ways to spend time with your kid than taking karate together. But now that we're taking it, I can't quit because it would teach him to give up! Sooooo.... I'll let you know when I get my black belt because I couldn't let my 5-year-old see me quit at something.

6. Need to keep a 4-year-old awake in the car on your way to a sleep-deprived EEG? Open their window and blast them with cold air at 80 mph every time they nod off. I felt sort of evil doing this, but it was necessary and part of me was proud of myself that it worked. On a related note, Nick felt a kind of sinister glee in keeping her awake that night. It was payback, and he's just petty enough to enjoy it.

7. Is the desire to be shirtless a developmental stage for boys? Seriously, TJ wants to take his shirt off as soon as he gets in the door. Then, when Nick comes home, TJ tries to convince him to join in the topless fun. It cracks me up.

And now, some cute.
Geri looks like a cyborg pirate with that patch...

"I dunno, whadda you wanna do?"

The shitless stage. It's gotta be a guy thing. 

So pretty!!!

Why was Mera riding the dog? The world may never know....

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  1. Some (maybe 9 or 10 year old) boys were at the Providence Bruins game, shirtless swinging them over their heads like a helicopter.