Saturday, March 10, 2012

For Pete's Sake...

What is it about our little Mera? I mean, I know she's cute. I'm biased as all hell, sure, but it seems like I'm not the only one who thinks she is flat out adorable. Yet I still wonder, why is she like catnip to people with no sense of boundaries?
Crazy ladies can't resist the cute...

Today we took the kiddos to the Cave of the Winds. TJ has been absolutely begging to go all week, and we figured why not. Even though I'm sick as a dog, I was determined to take him. After nap time, we rounded up all the kids and hopped in the SUV and headed out for the Cave Exploration tour.

The caves were awesome, seriously gorgeous and just awe inspiring. There were a lot of stairs involved, and we had to carry the girls for pretty much the whole tour, but it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, about 2/3 of the way through Mera started to get antsy. She wanted to get down and run around, but I wouldn't let her because we had been thoroughly warned about touching any of the formations. Not to mention that having her bolt out of my reach in a cave (lots of sudden dropoffs, loose ground, steep slopes and stairs) was a terrifying thought. The railings along the path weren't going to be stopping her, that's for certain. So she was in my arms, screaming and struggling to be put down because she is allergic to the word "no." Especially when I say it.

We all head into a rather dimly lit room on the tour (dimly lit except for the spotlights on the amazing stalactites and stalagmites) and Mera is pitching a fit. She wants down, but when I put her down she heads straight for the railing and starts trying to get under it, so I am not even going there. Cry all you want, kiddo, I'm not losing you down a sink hole. And then this complete stranger standing next to me, an older woman, turns to me and holds her arms out and says "Want me to take her?"

What I said was "no thanks" but what I was thinking was "ARE YOU INSANE?? Do you actually think I'm going to hand my toddler over to a total stranger in a dark cave?! Or ever, for that matter?"

This is an improvement from our last encounter with a total stranger, in which an elderly lady waited until I went to the bathroom (leaving the kids with a close friend) and then tried to scoop Mera up. Seriously, you can read the whole sordid tale here.

Am I crazy, or is it totally unacceptable to try to hold a total stranger's kid? I especially like the absurd idea that my daughter will calm down when handed over to a complete rando in a dark place. Bonus crazy points for that one.


  1. Fucking people! The furthest I will go with another kid is, "Hi!" And smile and wave.

    Even when I've seen Mom's struggling, I'd offer to take their bags or grab what they're reaching for before even asking about the kid!

    But, it's the mindset of the 50s and 60s. You could let a stranger hold your kid and not worry about them being a whackjob. Just like your friend's Mom might discipline you. The whole "it takes a village".

    1. I talked about this in my other post... it DOES take a village, but in a village people knew each other. In a village, there's no strangers. My village is all the friends and family who know my kids and me. I hope that those people will help me when I need them to, fill in the gaps where I fall short. I expect people in my village to hold my kids and they are welcome to.
      But some random person I've never met before is NOT part of my village. They're from the village across the river or something. It takes a village, not strangers from some other village!