Saturday, November 24, 2012

Beautiful Eyes

Today we were driving and Geri looked at me (I wasn't operating the vehicle, don't worry) and the light hit her just so and I could see the outline of her new cornea. There was this amazing circle of white light in the middle of her right eye. It was sort of breathtaking, really. So clear and vibrant, lit so it appeared to almost be glowing. I wonder if that outline will persist after the cornea heals in place and the stitches are removed.

Her right eye will be rather remarkable in the end. Before the cornea transplant, the stretching in her cornea gave it a milky, blue-white color. There was a wide area of this coloring around the edge of her iris, and it streaked across the middle. Now, there is this clear field in the middle with a ring of milky blue-white around it.

I've often wondered what exactly is her eye color. It's hard to be certain, because it's a real trick getting her to make good eye contact with you for any amount of time, but it appears they are an incredible dark blue. It feels like there is something important to be learned from this - the "defective" part of her is utterly gorgeous. So much beauty is found in our flaws, if we only know how to look and see them differently.

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