Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's been one week...

...Since Geri started Kindergarten!! Wow, I am still not able to process that information.

I remember a time, about one year ago, that I would have been pleased as punch to have her starting preschool about now. When she first came home, she struggled with so many things. She was so far behind. She couldn't chew or eat solid foods. She couldn't walk or talk. She was so volatile, emotionally unstable. There was this laundry list of difficulties.

We weren't willing to separate her from us for school or daycare or anything of the sort, a decision I'm glad now that we made. She needed that time with us, that attachment building. (I don't say this as a slam on other adoptive parents who made a different decision or took a different approach, btw. This is what she needed, what worked for us, so I'm just glad we trusted our instincts and did it.) When it came time to broach the issue of separation, it was hard for her at first. But the winding road of resources, support, situation, etc that God led us through made it so that each step built a foundation for the next. It all came out ok because of the way it happened. I can't imagine it having worked any other way. Looking back, though, I can understand why I didn't see this way ahead at the time.

It's amazing to look back at where we have been, where we set our expectations at the time, and where we are now. Kindergarten. She's in kindergarten, at a relatively appropriate chronological age. Her developmental age continues to catch up. The miracle continues to unfold, and we are so blessed to be front and center for it.

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