Saturday, May 14, 2011

Signs You Need Your Mojo Back

As a mom it can be pretty easy to lose your fabulousness in the business of life. It's hard to stay sexy when your most frequently worn accessory is someone else's bodily fluids. Sometimes you don't even notice the descent into frump-itude, so here's your intervention. Because I care about you, and it tears me up to see you this way.

1. You ask your hubby what he wants for your anniversary and he asks you to start wearing deodorant again. (This actually happened to me. I kid you not. )

2. Your hairbrush is just plain gone. Has been for months.

3. Your hairdryer/flatiron/curling iron has dust on it.

4. All your makeup is past it's expiration date. When you open the mascara, it looks like the fossilized remains of some prehistoric bug.

5. You are still wearing your maternity clothes, even though you already lost all that baby weight, because it's still in your drawers and you're too lazy to dig out your pre-pregnancy clothes or go shopping.

6. All your panties are period panties.

7. You put more effort into dressing the kids than dressing yourself.

8. Your legs and armpits are so hairy they act as insulation.  When you take your pants off, it looks like you have on leggings.

9. You borrow your daughter's accessories. Ya know, the plastic ones with the princesses on them?

10. You go to your favorite stylist (the one you've been seeing for years) and it's been so long that she thinks you're a new customer.

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