Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Week.... This makes 5

So today marks 5 weeks since we took our girl out of the orphanage, one month home in the U.S. To celebrate, Baby Girl and I have both gotten sick. Still, there's a lot of good news for the week.

It looks like Princess is starting to take naps. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good, because she needs them and it improves everyone's mood in the afternoon. Bad because it gives her more energy to fight falling asleep at bedtime. Still, the sleep issues are improving overall. We have purchased a rocking chair for the bedroom and now we hold her and rock her each night and she is very good about it. It's nice to have her snuggle up.

She's starting to show some nice signs of forming a bond with us. The other day she picked me over a neighbor who was offering to walk her. She turned right back to me and wanted to be picked up. She has also stopped trying to launch herself into the arms of anyone who gets close. She also wants to be with us more around the house. She used to go around exploring on her own sometimes, but now she wants to follow us and even vocalizes for us when we leave the room. Again, a good sign of a growing bond.

We had the appointment with the cardiologist this week and found out that our little Princess has two very minor heart defects. She has a VSD, or "little hole between the two chambers", and a bicuspid valve. The VSD could actually close on it's own as she gets older, but the valve issue is permanent. Still, the dr. said it won't keep her from doing anything and that, if she ever did need surgery for it, it would not be until she was much older. He cleared her for anesthesia, which paves the way for treatment of her eyes and for various other procedures she needs. We get to clean her teeth! Yay!

The Prevacid seems to be helping with her acid reflux. Her breath smells a LOT better these days! haha

Oh, and I almost forgot the biggest good news of the week... a bath!! Not any bath, but a HAPPY one!! I think I already blogged about our new method of putting her in the empty tub, stopping it up, and turning on the hand sprayer to let her play in the spray while it fills up around her. This has worked twice, so I'm declaring victory. It's a lot better than before, when she would scream and cry while we plopped her in the tub and hastily washed her.

Overall, we're doing fine aside from this little bug that has mom and sister out of it. Big Brother is in Michigan for a visit with his grandparents and I miss him like mad, but he's having lots of fun so it's worth it.

We're still standing, by the grace of God. :) What more can you ask for?

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