Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Pictures

Long overdue, here are some of our family photos!!
A family complete at last!

Our Kiddos!

All three sucking their thumbs. For the record, TJ just did it for the pic.

Our side of the road tree. Literally.

Kicking it on the little couch

The Memorex shot...

The new arrival!

She tolerates us ok. :)

Beautiful girl!

Still in love. :)

Can you believe they let us be in charge?

We will always have a special bond from our time as a family of two. 
 Lessons learned: try on the dresses beforehand. Kids' clothes are sized so funny... Geri's dress was crazy short!! We had to get her a different one for church on Christmas day. It just didn't feel appropriate to flash the congregation... Well, not for her at least. I'm still deciding if I want to. jk

Oh, and it's ok that we cut a tree down from the side of the road. We had a special permit from the forest department, and it was in the cutting zone. :)

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