Sunday, January 15, 2012

Grandma Lauren

While 30 is definitely young to hit this milestone, I am proud to announce that I am a grandmother! Mera has given me my first grandchildren, and she has kicked out a whole 6 of them in short order. Here's the rundown of her little "babies."

There's the glow-worm twins. They're actually fraternal twins, having slightly different eyes. Mera loves these two, especially at bedtime. Mera likes to hold one of them and press the button in it's chest over and over until the rotation of 6 lullabies puts her to sleep. And for what it's worth, I don't think she realizes she has two of these. She thinks they're the same baby.

Then there's the two girl-babies. One is the giggle baby, which giggles and coos when you press on the chest. The other just has a rattle in her head, which makes me wonder... if we give our little girls dolls that have rattles in their heads then aren't we, basically, training them to shake babies? Just a thought...

Then there's the blanket babies. Minnie-baby is a Minnie Mouse head and arms in the middle of a small, square lovey. The other is Pooh-baby, who has a Winnie the Pooh head and arms coming out of the middle of a slightly different lovey.

She's a pretty good mom. She likes to carry her babies around, tuck them in for naps and change their diapers. Unfortunately, she continually breaks the cardinal rule of parenting - "Never let the kids know who the favorite is." Pooh-Baby is a clear winner. He goes everywhere with her, sits in her lap during meals, and Mera likes to dance with him to the theme song from Beauty and the Beast. The other kids haven't shown any signs of jealousy, but it could be because they are so young.

Of course, I have to admit my own role in her becoming a mother at such a tender age. I thought we had more time before "the talk," but kids just grow up so darned fast these days.

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