Monday, January 30, 2012


If there is an unofficial contest for dumbest/worst adoption question, it's been won. Drumroll please.

And the winner is... The ER nurse when Geri had her seizure!! For her remarkable question, and I quote, "How long were you planning on adopting for?"

Oh, I know what she really meant, but asked that way I had to say, "Uhhh... forever?" Nick, who's also a bit of a smartass, threw in "At least until she turns 18!" She looked embarrassed so I said "Were you wondering how long the process was? It was about 14 months, start to homecoming." I wasn't trying to be mean, but it was so funny the way she asked that we had to run with it.

Folks, watch you choice of words. Phrasing is everything!

Other adoptive parents - what's the silliest question you've been asked? 


  1. LOL...I work with kids and they say some stupid things too. You would be amazed at what a couple of the high school students said when they found out I was asked "is she black?", I responded with "She's Caucasian." Long pause...her teacher "She's white." Another long pause, student "So, I'm Caucasian?". Another student "Will she ever walk?" Me "Yes, She walks with crutches", student "No, Will she ever walk", me "Yes, she walks with crutches", student "No, will she ever walk?", me "Are you asking if she will ever walk without crutches?" Student, "yeah". So, it's not just you who gets the bad questions. I don't know if mine would have been so bad it the kids weren't already in high school.

  2. LOL. "We chose the lease option, we trade her in at 3,000 miles... next time we're going for something a little sportier"

  3. My favorite, though not necessarily stupid question we have gotten several times: "Are they twins?" My answer always is: "No, seven months apart." People really never know what to say to that and I love it.

    1. You reminded me, perhaps that wasn't the dumbest questions... Someone asked me that about Geri and Mera. A 4 year old and a 2 year old. Geri is nearly double Mera's size and someone asked me if they are twins.