Sunday, September 18, 2011

The not-so-magic Bullet

We are back in the "window" again. After an unplanned wait (booo hiss) our adoption journey is about to start back up. The Bulgarian court vacation is ending sometime soon (if not already) and our case will, hopefully, be right at the front of the line. There's a good chance that our case could go to court this week. 

So what does that mean? Hard to tell. I don't know for sure what day the courts start back up, where we are on the docket, etc. I also don't know how long it will be after the big court date that we go to bring our daughter home. But here's what I do know - I am going to become insufferable again. :)

I can guarantee you that, until we get the call, I will be obsessed. I'll check my email about 400 times a day. I'll freak out every time my phone rings. I'll freak out double if the area code is from another state. I'll be eager and anxious until about 11:30 every day, then I'll chill out and be a bit down that today was not "the big day." I'll Google. A lot. All sorts of things about Bulgaria. I'll want to talk about my new daughter, and I'll cry from time to time in my frustration and impatience. 

Actually, Friday was sort of a weird day for me. See, when we went to meet our little girl, we got the call on a Friday. I was at my neighbor's yard sale when it happened. For about the week prior, I had been getting call after call from telemarketers... all with out-of-state numbers. So when the people form Omaha Steaks started harassing me last week and that same neighbor set up a yard sale for Friday, I have to admit my hopes went up. Unfortunately, Friday was not the big day and we are still waiting. sigh. 

Also, my obsessive Googling is not helping much. I found a blog that said the Bulgarian courts would re-open on the 15th, but couldn't confirm. Then I tried a bit of my own research and only confused myself more. For those who didn't know (everyone?), the courthouse in Sofia houses two court branches - the Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC) and the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC). I have no idea who handles what, although it seems that the SAC acts kind of like our Supreme Court - reviewing lower court rulings and haggling over-arching policy and interpretation. So I think we'll be in the SCC docket. Bulgarian news outlets are reporting on cases that appear to have been before the court on the 15th... but I can't tell which court they fall under. One appears to be an SAC case, but I'm not sure. 

Of course, my attempts to get an update from the agency have been fruitless. Or at least, one week later I have nothing to show for them. sigh. I suppose the obsessing continues. I have a feeling that we won't get any sort of useful update until we get called to pick her up!

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