Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spin Spin Sugar

Ten points if you can name the band who made the song in the title. :)

So I have found a new crafting hobby. As if I was running out of them or something, right? Our family went to the totally dawesome "What If?" festival in downtown C. Springs and there was a nice little booth for the 4H. I saw it immediately because they had two wonderful little sheep with them and I immediately wanted to shave the little buggers. Note to self: start bringing cordless clippers to any fairs or festivals. Never know when you might need them.

So it turns out that our friends in the 4H were teaching people how to use a drop spindle. I shoved a couple of small children out of the way and joined the group lesson. Ten minutes later I had a cute little chunk of handspun yarn and a new obsession. My husband gets the tab. Love you, hun!!

So I went to Hobby Lobby and shelled out $7 to get all the parts I needed to make 4 or 5 drop spindles, then went over to Green Valley Weavers and bought $13 of wool roving. I have made about 25 yards of a bulky single ply so far. I've decided to roll with it, and I'm going to keep going and use the yarn that I make to create a felted coat for Mera. Note to self 2: Keep having babies. They're fun to knit for.

Of course, this does nothing for my giant pile of UFOs. Every time I think I'm getting somewhere with that, I find some new craft to be in love with. I have KADD... Knitters Attention Deficit Disorder. Unfortunately, my support group does nothing to help me get better and everything to make me worse!! I love them for it!

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