Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Change in Diet

This one's about me! haha I figure since I overshare about the kids, I deserve a bit of my own medicine. I went back and forth about sharing this, since it's not entirely on topic, but then I figured it's only fair.

I'm starting a bit of a diet. I'm only trying to lean up, really, not looking for a weight marker. I suppose I'll say I want to lose 10 pounds, since that would put me at 135 and I still have this random advice from a high school teacher in my brain. Mr. Suggs once told me that an ideal weight for a woman is 5 pounds over 100 for every inch over 5 foot. I am 5'7", so that would make my ideal "Suggs" weight 135. I figure it's as good a number as any, and that gives me something a little less esoteric to track.

I don't want to do any of the crazy fad diets. Honestly, I don't like calling this a "diet" so much as a "change". Here's my new guidelines...

1) One meal per day must be some form of a salad with protein. Not a dinky salad. An actually filling, big bowl of greens and fruits and veggies with a small helping of meat type of salad. Or a huge salad full of greens and veggies with a glass of milk to drink and fruit for desert. No carbs.

2)  Two fun drinks per day, max. Coffee, beer, lemonade, iced tea, soda, milk... whatever. Not more than two per day. All else must be water.

3) Reasonable portion sizes. Not restaurant portion sizes.

4) Breakfast is fruit and yogurt. No cereal, no waffles, no pancakes, no silliness. I suppose I could do an egg instead of the yogurt (protein exchange, so to speak). But not drenched in cheese and such.

5) All snacks will be fruit, veggies, or yogurt. No chips. No cookies. No pudding. The only exception to this is Geri's therapy meals. I have to eat them with her in order to demonstrate good eating habits, but I'm only going to nibble, not try to out-eat her.

6) If I goof up, I will forgive myself and pick back up. I won't give up because I'm not perfect, or use my mistakes as an excuse to keep dorking it up. No beating myself up about a mouthful of rice or a nibble of cookie. The guidelines are general ideas for healthier living, not do-or-die ultimatums to kill myself over.

I'm also working out more. I have karate two times a week and I am doing a series of exercises and stretches every night. I'm trying to run when I can, but it's been hard on my back. I may have to settle for walking at this point. sigh.

I'm hoping to see my health increase, my performance increase, my overall comfort in my own body increase. That would make me happy.

So, there you have it. Lauren's hair-brained scheme for a toner, fitter, healthier self. No drugs. No books. No cleanses or crazy shakes. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. But no bikini pics. Sorry, no can do.

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