Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sorry 'bout That

So I have this big post I've been working on for about a week... I kid you not. Sigh. Sorry.

At any rate, I am so anxious to share the latest fun and adventure that I am publishing out of order. Only if you are mildly OCD, like me, will you care, really...

Yesterday, we took the kiddos (sans TJ... sad mommy) to the Aurora Reservoir near Denver for a day of sailing! Nick works with a very nice guy named Ernie who sails an 18-foot sailboat with his wife, Janet. We met them at the boat launch and they were so very sweet and took us and the girls out multiple times. We had to go in shift... Nick and Geri on one load, then me and Mera on the next. Geri and Nick went out first, and I have to admit that I was waiting for a meltdown and a very quick return to shore. But our brave little explorer had a blast! She loved the motion and the water and the daddy time (of course) and had a great time. Mera was brave, too. She loved the boat and kept saying we were going to a "ball at the castle" whenever we went out. Nick and Geri went out 3 times, me and Mera went out twice. In between trips, we would hang on the beach with Janet and have snacks and fun playing in the water near the shore. It was so amazing.

Daddy and Geri are sitting on the right of the boat... you can just see her little head. 

Look at our bathing beauty!! That tan!! Those chunky legs!!! <3
My Coppertone baby... For the record, she NEVER took that floaty in the water.
Geese!!! She kept yelling at them "Come here, duckies!!!"
She looks way too famous for Aurora Reservoir...

Honestly, I can't imagine this having happened just a few short months ago. Geri was too rigid and easily scared. Lately, she's been really coming out of her shell and having more and more fun every day! To see her relax and enjoy something completely new, for which she truly had zero reference, was just fabulous. She even munched on Veggie Straws on the beach and took a quick nap on the sand next to daddy.
 We're getting more and more of these wonderful times when things just feel, well, normal. Relaxing, having fun, enjoying ourselves and not worrying or stressing or dealing with a total meltdown. It's so incredible and we are thoroughly loving every moment of it!

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