Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh man...

... have I been remiss in writing. Want to hear my excuse? Since I threw my back out, I've had to start on a pretty regimented routine of core stretches and exercises. So, once the girls are asleep I go for a run  (a few times a week) and then I come home and do my 45 minutes of stretching. Then it's time to clean and get into PJs and go to bed. Sometimes, recently, cheesy 90's martial arts movies have been the background for my stretches. :)

So a LOT has been going on. Where to begin... Crap, where did I leave off??

Okay, so Geri has been doing very well with her new LWC (long white cane.) Hooray! She pushes it in front pretty well... unless she's holding someone's hand and then she gets lazy and drags it. She has learned how to climb into her car seat without help. This is a very nice development for mommy's back, by the by. She has started eating solid/dry foods... in a very chipmunk sort of way. She nibbles off tiny bites with her front teeth and swallows them. Not real chewing yet, but we're getting there. She will bite down on a cookie or cracker that I place between her back teeth, but then she doesn't bite down again and she normally spits the pieces out. Still, she's branching out and trying new things in the feeding department and THAT is awesome. Oh, and she has been sitting in her own seat at mealtimes, feeding herself with a spoon. Hooray!

Phew. Okay, so that's a whirlwind of information. But wait, there's more!! Geri and Mera are FINALLY starting to get along better. Geri is becoming rather brave where her sister is concerned, and it's cool to watch. In general, she's becoming more exploratory and, well, fun. She's able to play now, to explore, to engage... it's cool. Oh, and she's talking a lot more now. We're working on "yes" and "no", but she has lots of three-word request statements. "I want play", "I want up", "I want eat", "I want juice"... that kind of stuff. It's pretty cool, because she has a voice. An ability to express. She can make requests and we can start to know her mind. It's awesome. There's a long ways from here to conversation, but it's a start!

Alright... what else... Oh, Geri is not a fan of her ankle braces. NOT AT ALL. She accepts them, most of the time, but she whines when it's time to put them on and she is very anxious to take them off. They mess with her stride, for certain. Her balance is off, and she walks a bit more lumbering. It's hard to describe the difference, but there is certainly a difference. She is not amused.

Okay, that's what's up with Geri. I feel like I'm forgetting something, and I probably am, but here's what I'm able to call to mind right now. There's plenty to celebrate, even if I left a few things out. :)

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