Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Mundane Than I Thought

Yah, so that big exciting appointment this morning? I talked with our adoption coordinator at the national office this morning via email and she made it sound about 4,000 times more mundane than our regional coordinator did. Oh well. At any rate, she told me the paperwork was with the NGO and they didn't say anything about it being too late, so she thinks we managed it. Yay!

I was thinking today about nicknames. I wonder what our new daughter's nickname will be?? Our other kids have them. In all cases, they seem to develop pretty much spontaneously. None of them seem to mean anything. For your fun and enjoyment, here they are...

Our son, age almost-5, used to have more nicknames, but they seem to be weeding out as he ages. Maybe I have some natural genetic thing that is intended to embarrass my kids less, but I seem to chill on the pet names as they get older. He started life as "munchkin", "munchykins," "chubba legs," bum-ba-lum," or "bum-bum." These days he seems to get called "buddy" or "bubba" when I feel like using a nickname.

Our daughter, age 1, started off in utero as "little lamb," but for some reason it stopped sounding right when she was born. She is now "pumpkin," "pumpykins," or "bubberstein." I totally stole that last one from another mom on the playground, by the way.

Daddy, Pumpykins, and Bumbalum coloring
I'm recording these partly for the cute factor... and partly so I can remember them when the kids are teenagers. When they start dating the nicknames come back!

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