Friday, July 29, 2011

What is Frustrating Me Right Now

Sigh. We’re in the final stages of this adoption and I’m getting irritated with my agency. It is like pulling teeth to get a status on where our package is. I sent a list of questions to my regional coordinator early this week - specifically “do we have the article 5 letter?”, “has our packet been translated?” and “has our packet been sent to the courts yet?” Those were my questions. Finally, after two days, I got this answer back… “We’re waiting on the courts.”
I read this as “yes, we have everything and it’s been submitted” but my husband says it could mean anything because it says so darned little. So I write back to my coordinator to ask “so, does that mean it’s been sent to the courts?” 
Nothing. No answer at all. Two days later and not even a shadow of a response.
I know that my hounding them will not do anything constructive. I know that they can’t really *do* anything right now, it’s all in the hands of other people in another country. But they can at least keep me updated so I have some idea where we stand. Is that too much to ask?? Am I being unreasonable here?

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