Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whenever I Figure Hope is Lost...

... it comes back and finds me again!

Yesterday afternoon our I-800 approval arrived in the mail. This is great, but I was thinking "Well, by the time we get everything together and mailed over and all that... it'll be too late when it all gets to Bulgaria. We won't be able to have her home this summer."

Regardless, today I was planning on calling my agency rep and giving her the good news. Lo and behold, when I checked my email this morning there was an email from her with a scan of her cc: version of the letter. She already had it. I figured that's a good start.

I just talked with her and I have found out that the letter is also already in Bulgaria! An electronic version was sent this morning to our Bulgarian agency, and apparently the State Department notification is already in country as well. Our rep made the comment that "I know they gave us the 1 July deadline, but we're very close to that so who knows? Maybe you'll still be bringing her home this summer."

It's just a maybe, and I know it would be unwise to get all bent out of shape over it, but it feels good. After resigning myself to October, the slimmest possibility of having her home sooner feels great.

Hope is the food we live on around here.

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