Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Growing up so Fast...

When I picked TJ up from school today, he informed me that he broke his tooth at lunch.

"What?!?! Let me see!" I cried out.

He's showing me the tooth and it looks perfectly fine, bottom right front tooth, nothing abnormal, nothing missing. He's telling me how he broke it biting into a piece of pizza at lunch.

"I bit down and broke it and now it wiggles, see?" he said.

My boy has his first loose tooth. Oh holy crap, my firstborn is losing a tooth. Getting an ADULT tooth. That's what those are called, those teeth that move in and push out the babies? ADULT teeth. Where does the time go?

He's bugging me about joining Boy Scouts. He got a stripe in karate and should test soon. He learned to climb a chain-link fence today. He's a great hitter when we play baseball in the yard. He can actually throw a ball to me for reals. When did he stop being a little boy and start being a boy boy?

Mera is growing up pretty quick, too. She's in the "me too" stage. No matter what you do, she has to say she does it too. "TJ is at school." "I go school, too?" "Mommy is on the potty." "I go on potty too!" "Daddy is playing soccer." "I play soccer too."

Tonight I asked her to draw a circle and she did. She tells me stories. She talks about things that happened in the past. She helps dress herself and wants to pick out her clothes. She puts on her own freaking sandals, for cripes' sake! She takes issue with being referred to as anything other than a big girl. "Are you a princess?" "NO! I a big girl."

How do they change so danged fast? How can time suddenly speed up when you have kids?

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