Friday, May 4, 2012

Progress is Always Good

November, 2011 - Geri was highly orally defensive. She would only eat from a metal spoon. Her food could have very little texture. She would not allow us to touch her teeth or tongue or gums, and brushing was absolutely out. Dry, crunchy or hard foods could not be brought near her face or she would spaz out.

May 2012 - She loves brushing her teeth. I can easily touch her teeth, tongue and gums. She is experimenting with solid foods. Check it out!!!
 That's right, that's our girl mauling a pizza crust! The girl who wouldn't eat a plain, soft piece of bread 5 months ago is attacking baked good with a vengeance. Oh, and did I mention she is walking independently now? Yeah, that's our little miracle!

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