Thursday, May 31, 2012

Therapy Boyfriend

Don't hate. Geri's got herself a boyfriend at her OT. William is close in age to Geri. He's non-verbal, but using an assistive board to communicate. He wandered onto the trampoline with Geri a few weeks ago, and now they have a jumping date every Thursday morning. He wandered onto the tramp and into her heart. <3

Geri's come so far in her OT and Feeding Therapy, I'm just super pleased. The folks at Memorial Peds Rehab have been great, and Ms. Jeanine is awesome. Here's a few more therapy snippets to enjoy.
On the swing with Miss J!

Ball Pit!!!!
Now that ball pit is truly a big deal... the last time she got in the ball pit at therapy, she wasn't happy about it. This time, she let herself be buried up to the chin in the balls and was playing with them and pleased as punch. It's great for her sensory system, her core strength, and just a nice development in her general resilience. 

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