Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday = Development Day!!

Something fun I want to start doing is taking some time to take stock of the kids' developments. Why not Tuesday? Why not, indeed.

When we brought her home, Geri was unable to balance independently at all. No walking, no standing, without assistance. She was quiet, nonverbal, and ghostly pale. She only ate mashed foods from a metal spoon. We couldn't touch her mouth at all. She was terrified of the car (Viviane can attest to this!) and of baths. Her motion sickness was so bad that the swings at the park made her puke. Her eye pressures were around 60 mmHg in each eye - triple the norm. She couldn't see much at all. She was scary skinny, with no meat on her bones. She wouldn't play at all, wouldn't explore toys. Her demeanor was withdrawn, isolated, scared and quiet.

6 months later, she is walking and standing independently. She can get up from sitting without any support. While standing, she can manipulate objects and items in air - even bulky or heavy ones. She can walk, independently, for long distances now and handle inclines. She's starting to jump, which is cute as all get-out. She has around 40 words and phrases, repeats everything, squeals when excited or happy. She babbles a lot these days. She's finally experimenting with solid foods and dry textures, and she can use a fork and plasticware and drink from a straw. She loves brushing her teeth. She loves to ride in the car with her window down and tolerates it fine for long distances. No more motion sickness - she'd stay on the swings all day if I let her! She loves the tub and splashing in the bath is a favorite. She even cooperates with washing and rinsing her hair! After two surgeries, her eye pressures are normal and her functional vision is notable improved. She's shot up almost two inches and gained around five pounds, all of which seems to be muscles. She has calves!!! She loves to explore the house and examine the toys, with pianos and music instruments being her favorites. She is bright, curious, funny, silly, and affectionate. She gives kisses to my arm. When I ask her for a kiss, she sticks out her forehead as if to say "sure, go right ahead and lay one on me!" She loves cuddles and hugs and seeks mommy and daddy for comfort. She's potty training, helping more with dressing and undressing, and sitting in her own booster at meals.

Oh, and she has a sweet tan.


  1. Oh, she is doing fantastic. I know our kids work crazy hard to accomplish all they do, but kudos to you, too, mommy!

  2. Thanks, Viviane! Sometimes it's hard to tell who is working harder, right? Still, I give all the glory to God. I can't fix anything, and neither can all the therapists in the world... she is healing because of His miraculous touch in her heart and life and I'm so grateful for that!!!!