Saturday, October 8, 2011

An Adoption Update!!!

At long last, or at least it felt long to me, we have news on our adoption! According to our agency, via the Bulgarian agency, our court date has been scheduled for October 17th. If all goes well at court, the Bulgarian agency *tentatively* predicts travel dates of November 6th through 12th.

We may very well be within one month of going to bring our daughter home!!

Of course, I am immensely excited, but that excitement is tempered somewhat. I am not going to go crazy until we pass court and get travel dates. Real, official, approved travel dates complete with permission to purchase tickets.

Still, this helps enormously in terms of feeling like something is actually HAPPENING. The past several weeks of waiting have been very difficult because it has felt like being in a black hole rather than a holding pattern. I found myself asking "What are they DOING over there?" and even questioning whether we would ever get to the court date at all. Waiting for a set event seems to be easier than waiting for anything at all.

So now I have 9 days until, God willing, she will be legally ours. Then, only another 2-3 weeks until she will be in our arms again. Oh man, that feels great.

If you are of the praying persuasion, please join us in praying for a successful day in court. Pray that our paperwork will be complete and submitted in full, with nothing missing or incorrect. Pray that the judge will see the ultimate value we will bring to this darling girl's life and, in our quick response to travel requests and paperwork demands, our love for her. Pray for a short turnaround on the travel authorization and early travel dates. Pray for us to have her home by Thanksgiving, so we can thank God for our family in full!

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