Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I'm hoping today is the day we get travel dates. Praying and praying and praying, really. Today is also, coincidentally, the first snowfall here in the Springs. It's a bit sad for me, even in all of it's beauty, because I had hoped Geri would be home by now. Alas, she has to miss this one. Still, I'm cheered by knowing that she will be home soon, and that there will be plenty of snow in the future!

Yesterday Big Brother got a treat for good behavior at school. He chose to rent a DVD from the Redbox (which I love, by the by) and he chose Tangled. The last time I watched that movie was on the plane flying out to Bulgaria to meet our little daughter. It made me a bit sad to see it again, and it made me miss her a lot. Hopefully she'll be home real soon. It'll be nice when we have dates and can plan. Then it will feel more real.

Adoptive mom question for other adoptive moms... Should I have friends and family meet us at the airport? I really want to, but Nick is scared that we will overwhelm and frighten her. Your thoughts?


  1. I think it may overwhelm her too. Really, the most important people she get accostumed to are her parents and siblings. The rest of us can wait. I hate waiting, but I'd rather see her settle down and soak up all her new family's love first.

  2. We asked our family and friends not to meet us when we brought our son home. While it would potentially have been one of those Hallmark moments for us adults, I knew that it would be way too much for Rex after the long trip etc. He also had such a difficult time regulating any input, I can't even imagine what he would have done. We had two friends pick us up and drive us home. They'd gotten some groceries for us before pick-up and were very respectful of our newness as a family. They helped us unload luggage and then quickly exited the scene. It was the right thing for us.