Friday, October 28, 2011


We have official travel dates! We will be in Bulgaria from 13-19 November! That means we travel on 12 November and return on 20 November! Hooray!!! I'm so excited to finally know that dates, it's such good news.

Of course with every "up", there seems to be a bit of down. I complain a lot, don't I? I certainly feel like it, lately. My modest complaint is actually a warning for other parents... airfare. For some reason I do not even remotely understand, United Airlines charges $1200 for a roundtrip, adult fare from Denver to Sofia and back again... but a one-way child's fare from Sofia to Denver costs $3,000!! Now why would it cost more than twice as much money to fly a smaller, lighter body one way? In terms of actual cost to the airline, a one-way ticket obviously incurs less and a child's body even more so. Heck, even if they were to charge the same amount for  one-way ticket as a round-trip ticket, it would make me say "hmmmm." But the fact that they want substantially MORE money just makes my jaw drop to the floor.

We're still working the solution, but I'd like to share an idea from someone else that I think we will be using. See, you can't just buy a third round-trip ticket from Denver to Sofia and back again, because when your child fails to board the first leg of the trip their return booking is automatically cancelled. So someone suggested buying her a round-trip ticket... going backwards. She will board her first flight, and then "miss" the second. I'm not sure if it'll work, due to her age and such, but I will update you all on how it goes. Until the airlines learn to charge reasonably (hahaha yeah RIGHT) we all have to stick together.

And now, pictures of my daughter. In celebration of the happy news, I brag!

Isn't she pretty? She was very interested in my hair. I promised she can grow hers out. 

A quiet moment in the sun. My sweet Bulgarian princess. 

Sleeping peacefully in daddy's arms on day 2 of our visit. 

A very happy daddy!! He spent the whole time grinning like that. 

She likes to eat! She'll fit in nicely with the other kids...

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  1. The feeding pic is oddly my favorite too. I'm so glad your family is going to be reunited...or is it just united in the first place??